About us

About us

We are a European company, with more than 20 years of experience, dedicated to design and innovation, with a long history in the motorcycle sector, where craftsmanship and technology come together to create the dreams of our customers.

We have the ability to design, manufacture and legalize any customized project for you or your company.

Our team is made up of professionals passionate about the world of motor. This passion is reflected in our designs in which quality and exclusivity prevail.

Experience the thrill of being unique.

Emiliano López-Cano

Co-Founder and CEO

The seed of DragonTT was born combining his studies, with the working world, where guided by masters of the sector of the competition, he was formed especially in power of engines, part cycle and structures.

This specialization allowed him to work for prestigious brands such as Mercedes, Audi, Chryler and Iveco, where he was able to broaden his technical and technological experience.

He has collaborated for prestigious motorcycling magazines with technical articles and design critic.

With his knowledge and creativity, he has developed numerous industrial patents and applied motorizations.

Already 20 years ago from the birth of DragonTT and eventually came the support of a strong Italian capital company to create in this different brand, different products. Creating avant-garde designs and functional prototypes ahead of their time, of different vehicles. He formed a select team of professionals passionate about creating.

He is currently working on different projects such as cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats, aviation simulators, design of technical clothing, accessories and vehicles for the world of cinema.

Emiliano López-Cano

Our story

At the end of 1998, Emiliano López-Cano (founding partner of DragonTT) suffers an accident with his beloved motorcycle and is forced to get rid of it. The frustration of not having a motorcycle and the genius of his imagination led him to draw sketches of what would be the motorcycle of his dreams.

A day surrounded by good friends, Emiliano shows them his designs. Everyone is passionate about the project, encouraging him to realize his dream. Finally, they finance part of it.

Our story begins to take shape in a small garage, with a handful of good friends, a little money and a lot of enthusiasm to do something unique.

After a few months of work, the first DragonTT was born. Thanks to other friendships, it was presented at the 2000 Pingüinos rally. This presentation made known to the national specialized press a motorcycle with a design ahead of its time. The magazine “LA MOTO” was the first to disseminate our first project. After its impact the creator of the first DragonTT became part of the ranks of a motorcycle world team, where he acquired some knowledge and experience essential for the creation of their next DragonTT.

Currently DragonTT is a company increasingly valued internationally. Customers like Harley Davidson or BMW among others, trust our products.

Our motorcycles have gone around the world and our designs have been awarded in the USA, cradle of the custom movement and in Europe, where Italian representatives of top-level brands have praised our work for both our quality and its exclusivity.

DragonTT is made up of a team of highly qualified professionals, passionate about motorcycles, who have a common goal: To make our clients’ dreams come true, by manufacturing their ideal motorcycle.

The legend continues …