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  • Extra Painter: included
  • Base: Honda CBR 600RR
  • Years: 05/2020
  • Reference: DTT02000
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The Hunter 20Th is the most exclusive model of a very special brand. The Hunter 20Th was created to commemorate DragonTT’s 20th anniversary. This is a work of art on two wheels. The most valuable motorcycle in the world. DragonTT will donate the proceeds from the sale of the 20th unit to the cause of Child Autism.



DragonTT offers motorcycles and preparations of spectacular design, manufactured in a small number of units, which will delight their owners, captivating the rest of the world. Our limited series for the Hunter 20Th model consists of 20 units. Each one is numbered and they start from a base model that the client or DragonTT can supply. (Consult at [email protected])
In the development of all our models we have used 3D technology, CX analysis and the best materials in the market for manufacturing, offering a design and high quality product.


Dragon TT offers exclusivity, quality and an excellent after-sales service that has supply of spare parts for each model, proving its serial number. This exciting model is delivered painted in a base color at the customer’s choice, optionally we can customize our products, aesthetically as well as mechanically: (Suspensions, brakes, enhancement, engine, height modifications to the saddle, tires, etc.)

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Technnical data:

Manual assembly & Video

  • Engine: 4 T / 4 cylinders in line.
  • Displacement: 599.c.c
  • Power: 125cv/13.000rpm
  • Transmission: 6 speed / Chain
  • Chassis: Double aluminum beam
  • Suspensions: Telescopic 43mm / 1 shock absorber
  • Tires: 120/70-17 || 180 /55-17
  • Deposit: 20L
  • Wheelbase: 1.370mm
  • Seat height: 823mm
  • Total weight: 186 Kg

NOTE: If you can not find the product you are looking for, we will design, manufacture and legalize it!