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  • Extra painter: Included
  • Base: Piaggio engine
  • Model: MP1 DYNAMIC.CL
  • Years: 12/2020
  • Reference: DTT02020
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WITH A CAR LICENSE (For all audiences)

It isn’t a motorcycle or intended to be one, nor is it a car, but a vehicle with the best of both.

The MP1 DYNAMIC-CL can be ridden in Europe with a car driving license, it is a light vehicle, extremely easy to ride and, above all, to park thanks to its clever vertical opening system that allows easy and convenient lateral access also in limited spaces, for example when parking in-between cars. In its Top version it has a reversing system that will facilitate the parking manoeuvre effortlessly.

The New MP1 Dynamic-CL is an extremely versatile urban mobility vehicle that mixes the best of a car and a motorcycle, to make the most of a new riding experience and to have fun in the city. However, do not be deceived, its powerful engine allows travelling long distances without problems, enjoying each corner with the safety provided by its two guidance wheels and ABS (anti-lock braking system).


The ideal vehicle for anyone looking for new sensations when riding.

The MP1 Dynamic-CL rides like a motorcycle but has the stability of a car.

Take corners by leaning into them, tilt the vehicle safely and without fear, the glide of the front wheels is a very relaxing sensation that makes riding comfortable and fun.

Very efficient and dynamic in the city, with tremendous agility riding between cars, solid ABS braking and easy parking, with space for storage, a reliable engine with efficient fuel consumption. Surely, this vehicle designed by DragonTT will not leave you indifferent.

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Technnical data:

Product catalog

  • Engine: 4 T.
  • Displacement: 493 c.c. / 350 c.c.
  • Power: 44 c.v. / 7.750 r.p.m. – 30,2 c.v. a 8.500 r.p.m.
  • Transmission: Chain.
  • Chassis: Redesigned by DragonTT.
  • Deposit: 12 L.
  • Distance between axis: 1.550 mm.
  • Total height: 1.700mm.
  • Total width: 1.050mm (folded mirrors).
  • Total length:  2350mm.
  • Fuel consumption 100Km: 4,5L/100.
  • Optional: Car reverse gear.

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